Dermin Lossit

Brildragende halfling met neus voor duistere geheimen

Strength 12 +1
Dexterity 15 +2
Constitution 15 +2
Intelligence 18 +4
Wisdom 16 +3
Charisma 12 +1

Speed 20 Listen, Spot +3

xp – 25300 (28000)

  • initiative +6
  • hp max: 37
  • AC: meer dan 10
  • BAtk +4 / Gple +5

saving throws fortitude 7 / reflex 6 / will 8

  • lightning reflexes;
  • improved initiative;
  • magical apitude;
  • augument healing;
  • spontaneous healer;
  • lore mastery 2x;
  • dark knowledge 5/day

skills concentration +10; decipher script +13; diplomacy +3; gather information +4; heal +7; Knowledge (arcana, dungeoneering, the planes) +13; knowledge (religion) +17; knowledge (geography) +9; ride +3; search +6; spellcraft +15; use magic device +4; craft (alchemy) +11


Background Dermin Lossit is an explorer of the divine, always on the road too unhinge the mysteries of the gods. A traveler from the lands beyond, he traveled all over the lands to find answers about the great divine and their nature.

Lately he has traveled the lands of Cormyr and Havilonen where he stumbled across stories about the duchy of Gondramon. He decided to travel to this nearby, half-civilized land, introduced himself to its duke and asked permission to join a band of his subjects for the adventure of his life. After meeting with the party of heroes his life changed. A new world, full of the dark secrets he so loves, opened up for him. Spirits of the divine, druidic goddesses and a god best forgotten are battling for power over Gondramon and the wilderness to its west. Dermin’s search for the lost ways of the divine is more interesting than ever, but has come to the point where it threatens to swallow his heart and soul.

Dead and raised Dermin died twice during his adventures. The first time he decided to charge a roc, which tore him apart. With Sillan’s aid, he reincarnated as a half-orc. Curiously, although his eyesight had improved, he continued to wear glasses. Dermin died again in the clutches of a balhannoth underneath the ruined bell tower. This time, Rhaor caused him to reincarnate, now as a halfling.

Companions Dermin travels with Athalya, Bhanar, Rhaor!, Sillan (all barbarians in his civilized eyes) and their animal and spirit companions.

Dermin Lossit

Gondramon Roshar