In one seemingly endless year, a small band of adventurers discovers secret after dark secret, until they face the faceless master of the Outer Darkness to save their land from utter destruction.

Gondramon is a small duchy on the edge of the civilized world. Its army guards a pass through a mountain range, beyond which barbarian tribes roam. The story starts when the duke commands a few of his loyal subjects to collect the yearly thites in Roevelden, a small fishing village beyond the mountains, at the very edge of the wilderness. The village turns out to be in the grip of a mysterious disease. The Gondramese soldiers discover the village priest is the source of the infection. What is worse, the priest turns out to be one of a large druidic death cult, bent on bringing about the Great Winter of their twisted mythology.

Now, the Great Winter has begun. Time stands still. The land is cold, dark and haunted by demonic goddesses and eldritch shadows. The Gondramese soldiers are all long dead, their place taken by a few brave barbarians that have not (yet) succumbed to the temptations of the Outer Darkness.